Socialite Zari hints on joining politics; Rallies fellow Basoga to form a Political Party

Joining Politics? Socialite Zari The Boss lady; Courtesy Photo

Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

South Africa-based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan aka ‘Zari the Bosslady’ is seemingly fed up with the continuous abuses that are always directed towards the Basoga, and she is ready to do something about it.

For many years, the Basoga have been trolled with many offensive sentiments. In one of her video clips, the mother of five has requested her fellow tribe-mates, who are also tired of being abused all the time, to defect from their political parties and form their own party.

Her request to her tribe-mates to form their own political party stems from the fact that she was terribly insulted for attacking Bobi Wine in a recent video when she questioned whether the Kyadondo East legislator has the credentials to run Uganda as President.

Her opinion got People Power fans and supporters upset and they bitterly fired back, something that left her regretting her statements about Bobi Wine.

“All the Basoga, lets go and form our own political party since these guys don’t like us and we also start our own struggle. They’re just stupid. We didn’t commit any offense to be Basoga.” The boss lady said.

Zari also stated that she is a citizen with a constitutional right to speak about anything. She rallied Basoga to speak and have their voices heard.

Majorly known for her lavish lifestyle and fashion, Zari has no history in politics. However, she has the looks, the fans and the money. Perhaps, she could be on her way into a dirty game of politics.

For the recent past, people in the entertainment industry demonstrated that they hold a lot of influence in the Ugandan political sphere ever since Bobi Wine joined politics.

This wave has seen many entertainers ranging from Media Personalities, musicians, Actors and Actresses, promoters among others stand up and contest for various positions in the country. It Is no news that Entertainment and politics are inseparable in Uganda today.



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