Minister Kiwanda furious over Army, LDU brutality; Pleads for sanity

Tourism Minister Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi; File Photo

Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi has decried the escalating cases of brutality on Ugandans involving armed forces saying their actions dent the credibility of the NRM government.

Minister Kiwanda was responding to an incident in which UPDF soldiers and Local Defense Units (LDUs) allegedly assaulted Mityana District Chairperson, Mr. Joseph Luzige during an operation to enforce night curfew orders in Mityana Town.

On Tuesday night, a group of UPDF soldiers and LDUs pushed and shoved Mr. Luzige while he was trying to stop the security operatives from harassing residents in the area leaving him taunted and embarrassed.

In a voice note this website received, Kiwanda says Luzige was lucky to escape with his life since some of the security forces on duty that night were allegedly drunk and could easily end his life. He says it is not the first time the army and LDUs are involved in acts of brutality against the residents of Mityana.

Kiwanda says he has received numerous complaints from residents reporting cases of brutality from security forces an action that has instigated fear in communities across the district.

According to Mr Luzige, he was on his way to Mityana General Hospital when he found a woman being brutalized by security operatives.

Luzige claims he was saving a woman who had a fractured leg and seriously bleeding after being brutalized by UPDF soldiers when he was assaulted.

“I moved out of my car and told the soldiers that what they were doing was wrong,” Mr Luzige said.

The soldiers reportedly told Mr Luzige that since he didn’t deploy them, he had no authority to stop them from what they were doing.

Kiwanda appealed to authorities to bring the brutal actions of security agents to an immediate stop not only in Mityana but across the whole country.

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