Parliament summons socialite Brian White on allegations of Kidnap and sexual harassment

Summoned: Bryan White; Courtesy Photo

The committee of parliament has issued summons against city socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White to answer allegations of kidnap and sexual harassment.

The Human Rights committee chairperson Hon. Agnes Taaka Wejuli directed Brian White to appear before the committee next week on Tuesday, following numerous testimonies implicating him in acts of kidnap, rape and sexual harassment.

The move followed a testimony from Vivan Mutanda, (18) one of the alleged victims, who told MPs that she and others were forcefully held in Brian Whites residence in Buziga, Kampala where they endured exploitation including involving them in group sex orgies against their will.

Vivian claims that in 2017, she got employed by Brian White as a secretary at Brian White Foundation who then, claimed he was doing secretive work for President Museveni’s government.

However, Vivian claims the residence later turned out to be used as a brothel where Brian White made them drunk and satisfied his sexual appetites.

“It was the order of the day in the house. We always had group sex with him after we were all drunk with alcohol. He would order us to do it” Vivian told legislators.

She further accused Brian White of using Security forces to forcefully retain them at his residence where he used them as sex slaves without any protection and later forced her to abort on three different occasions.

Mutanda alleges that every time they (girls) tried to run away, Brian White would send men who would take them back.

She says that she has never been paid salary because every time they demanded for their pay, they would be told they are provided with food and there is no reason they needed money for.

Vivian appeared before the committee together with relatives of Stella Nandawula, (22) another girl who recently released a video on social media alleging that she was also exploited by Brian White.

The two allege that they were recruited in 2017 as employees of Brian White Foundation, a philanthropist organization that supports vulnerable communities especially youths, in economic and capacity development.

Namutebi Ndawula, Stella Nandawula’s mother told committee members that she was surprised to see a video of her daughter on social media accusing Brian White of exploitation, yet she knew her daughter was in decent employment.

Namutebi claims she has endured threats from security forces every time she asks for the release of her daughter ever since her daughter went public on claims of kidnap and sexual harassment at the hands of Brian White.

Namutebi says she doesn’t know the whereabouts of Stella Nandawula ever since she attempted to escape from Brian White’s crutches in February.

She appealed to the committee to help her get back her daughter Stella Nandawula back.

According to Namutebi, Stella was forced to return to her tormentors on claims that she had state secrets.

Namutebi also claims she had been receiving threats from security agents in an attempt to blackmail her into submission since Nandawula holds a Rwandan passport. She says every time she demands for the release of daughter, she is told that her daughter holds state secrets.

Vivian said she doesn’t want another girl to fall prey to Brian White’s “evil” acts and appealed to MPs to have her paid for the two years he worked while she was employed at Brian White Foundation.

Brian White is expected to appear before the committee together with Stella Nandawula to answer the allegations as leveled against him.



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