You had no value at NTV -Former LOG-IN presenter Robin Kisti stings Sheila Gashumba

Former NTV presenter Sheila Gashumba; Online Photo

Former NTV Login presenter, Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti has attacked self styled lil stunner Sheila Gashumba, branding her a dirty player who was not adding any value to the station.

Sheila recently took to her twitter handle and blasted NTV for paying workers peanuts, but Robin has defended the station claiming Sheila has no moral authority to raise the issue because she was of no value to deserve a bigger pay.

In messages posted on social media, the former lifestyle show presenter claims Sheila took too long to understand that she had no value at NTV since she was forced into TV by her dad Frank Gashumba.

On the issue of salary, Kisti said every presenter is paid according to his/her worth and the benefits the show brings to the company.

She said the benefits that come with being at NTV are very exciting; from hair and makeup, money every three months for outfits and shoes, saloon every two weeks, lunch coupons every day in good restaurants.

“If your show brings in good money to the company, then you will get paid good money unless you don’t know how to negotiate,” she said.

She claims after losing T-Nation, Sheila wanted another job on NTV but the MD, Aggie Konde fired her because she had no content and nothing new to offer.

She further claims Sheila bribed her way into the NTV THE BEAT show which already had a good presenter. She however did not specify what kind of bribe Sheila offered.

“The station struggled to find where she can fit and of-course like they always do, they bribed their way into the beat which already had a good host.” she said.

“NTV gained nothing from Sheila apart from the wrangles she had with co-hosts, being late for shoots, demanding too much, and no content in terms of delivery, prompting the MD, Aggie Konde to fire her” Kisti is quoted.

“Sheila and her Dad Frank Gashumba always targeted my show and worked hard to see me get fired from NTV” Robin KISTI says.





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