FINALLY ! Diamond Platinumz & Zari hold talks after years


By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

ongo Flava Star Diamond Platnumz said on Monday that he called his ex-lover, Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan, and the two discussed how they would take care of their children.

This was after Zari’s message in which she called Diamond a clown and said he was lying to the world after Diamond pledged to pay three months rent for 500 families in Tanzanians who are struggling to make ends meet due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The gesture, didn’t go down well with the self proclaimed “Bosslady” Zari who took to her Instagram story and bashed Diamond saying there was no way the singer could start helping the public yet he has failed to take care of his children.

Speaking on “Wasafi Goodmorning” program on Monday morning, Diamond said it is normal for people who once dated to squabble after separation especially if they have kids.

Platnumz confirmed that he has been speaking to Zari, though only through their lawyers. He however said after seeing her post, he decided to send her a direct message.

“I told her that being a mother of my kids, we must always strive to maintain respect for each other by avoiding fights especially on social media platforms.” Diamond Platnumz said while on Wasafi Radio.

He added that the discussion helped him drop the temptation of responding to Zari’s message with rage. “During the discussion she told me her side of the story and I responded accordingly with mine. She said she didn’t have ill intentions and we later realized there has been miscommunication between our lawyers.” He said.

Diamond concluded by saying that they had reached an amicable solution with Zari and promised that all will be well.

Zari and Diamond were in love from mid 2014 but broke up in early 2018 over issues concerning disrespect and unfaithfulness.



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