MP Kato Lubwama’s health deteriorates; moved to Intensive Care Unit

In danger: Hon. Kato Lubwama; File Photo

Lubaga South MP, Hon. Kato Lubwama’s life is in real danger.

Latest reports indicate that the legislator whose health deteriorated of late, has been admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Kato’s health condition deteriorated at the beginning of last week when he suffered a stroke and rushed to Medipal Int. Hospital in Kololo where he has been hospitalized up to today.

A family member today told this website that Kato developed breathing difficulties and he was admitted to ICU from where his life is being monitored.

According to an admission report issued last week, Kato was admitted with “Complex medical problems” that require an urgent surgical operation.

However, the surgical operation has not been possible due acute cardiac issues he suffered lately.

“His heart failed and his blood pressure has failed to stabilize” a family member said today.

Whereas the surgery operation is long overdue, the process cannot be possible owing to Kato’s prevailing health situation, doctors say.

Kato has a medical history of cardiac issues that saw him rushed for an operation in India in 2015. He was also diagnosed with colon cancer immediately after his return from India.

However, the complexity of the matter was further worsened by a huge bill which the legislator has failed to foot. His family, friends and well-wishers are mobilizing funds, but the collections are still inadequate.

Sources intimate that the legislators insurance package from parliament only provided 10 million and nothing more. “His fellow MPs just make pledges and go” said a source close to the family.

Efforts by the family to get more funds through the Speakers Office have also not yielded anything according to a source.

We wish the legislator quick recovery. we will keep you updated.

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