Trapped and Broke, Kenzo stakes his vehicle for help after Lockdown extension

At stake; Kenzo's newest ride; Online Photo

If there is anyone the news of lockdown extension has hurt most, it is Singer Eddy Kenzo.

immediately after President Museveni made a pronouncement, Eddy Kenzo went to twitter and vented his frustration to the extent of staking his vehicle for financial help.

Kenzo also said he is at a high risk of contracting coronavirus.

“I was watching president adding more 21 days of which mutufu kubanga kiyamba egwanga naye nze sigenda kufa banange who can send me western union. Muwe emotoka yange otherwise siri bulungi. Eno tugenda mu 700 cases.” Kenzo lamented on twitter.

Kenzo is trapped in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire following President Museveni’s pronouncement of a lockdown that involved closure of airports two weeks ago.

Kenzo cried out that he has no money left, and staked his vehicle to anyone who is willing to wire money to him.

The BET Award winner says the cost of living in Ivory Coast is high and he has to spend not less than $300 daily to survive.

In a video he shared recently, the “Tubaale” singer admitted that he can no longer afford a meal yet he traveled with his guitarist, and left a sick child at home.

It was however reported that he was warned not to travel to Cote d’Ivoire at that time, but he refused only to have the festival cancelled due to coronavirus.



  1. Someone out there please help Eddy Kenzo…a Ugandan singer!!!
    You don’t know what it’s like being stuck in a foreign country without money….it’s like a nightmare! But this is real….he has a brand new car (high end) am appealing to kind hearted people of God who have money…to send him at least half the cost of that car in order to save his life!!!! He is a Ugandan who has done alot for our country! …he needs our help…he has nobody to turn to!!! pls assist our helo, son, brother, friend & a father of two!!! May God bless whoever will help him abundantly! Don’t worry Kenzo…just trust God and know that all will be under his protection! Good luck son!


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