Coronavirus: Pope Francis calls for empathy in doing business; asks opportunist to repent

Pope Francis; Courtesy Photo

Pope Francis has called for a special prayer for people who seek to profit from those suffering the effects of coronavirus pandemic.

The pontiff prayed for compassion, conversion and willingness to help at a time when coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world -the rich and the poor inclusive.

“Let us pray today for the people doing business with those in need during this pandemic, who seek to profit from the needs of others and “sell” them. May the Lord touch and convert their hearts.” Pope Francis tweeted.

“Let’s think of the little Judas that we all have within ourselves. Every one of us is capable of choosing between loyalty and self-interest. We are each capable of betraying, of selling, of making choices based on our own interests.” Where are you, Judas? He added.

Pope Francis appealed to everyone to reach out to those who are suffering and those most in need, and not be concerned about what they lack, but what good we can do for others.



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