Give food to people who Stay Home -FDC tells Government

FDC Spokesperson Hon. Semujju Nganda addressing the press on Monday; Online Photo

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has welcomed measures put in place by government to curb the spread of coronavirus in Uganda, but also called on government to provide relief items to citizens during the hard times of the coronavirus outbreak.

In a press statement issued on Monday, FDC Spokesperson Hon. Semujju Nganda applauded President Museveni’s directives including the advisory to stay home, but said it is necessary that the efforts be accompanied by relief especially to the urban poor.

“People are desperate for food because majority are a “hand to mouth” lot mere ya leero.” He said.

Hon. Semujju said government can use money meant for none essential recurrent expenses such as travel inland, workshops, travel abroad and donation under State House. He also said works on some roads and other infrastructure can be suspended and the money used to buy food.

FDC thanked health workers ans security agents who are risking their lives on the frontline against coronavirus, but also appealed to Police, UPDF, LDUS and all security agencies to respect human dignity, in enforcement of government measures.

“Don’t make an already bad situation worse by battering citizens in an attempt to enforce government measures….These are hard times and security must gently handle our people who are hunting for food. Of course this is not to encourage lawlessness. We appeal to you dear citizens not to take advantage of this bad situation to steal or rob.” The statement reads in part.

Semujju said is the time for the rich to show humanity, donate food items to the poor. He said FDC is collecting food items from leaders and supporters which we will hand over to the religious organizations and local leaders for distribution to the needy.



  1. The Government should also put measures of transporting our people who are sick to hospitals since there is no bodabodas. People staying home is not a problem, the problem is what are they going to eat during this threat moment if they are to stay home without working. Thank you.


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