SOMALIA: AMISOM liberate key town from Al-shabaab

UPDF troops in joint offensive operation in Somalia; Online Photo

Mogadishu: AMISOM troops in a joint military offensive with Somali National Army, SNA, on Monday, March 16, 2020, liberated the bridge town of Jannale, a stronghold of Al-Shabaab, in Somalia.

Jannale, approximately 90km (55 miles) south-west of Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital city, has been the hub for terrorists’ operations and activities – it was where they planned dastardly activities to wreak havoc – killing innocent civilians and destroying properties across Somalia.

Speaking after the operations, the Sector I and Uganda Contingent Commander, Brig Richard Otto, commended both SNA and AMISOM troops on liberating the town with approximately, 30,000 people. He said it is currently under the full control of the joint forces – AMISOM and SNA.

The AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Tigabu Yilma Wondimhunegn, described the operation successful as several Al-Shabaab terrorists were killed and scores wounded. He commended the SNA, AMISOM and partners for the joint planning efforts and execution and wished injured troops speedy recovery.

“AMISOM jointly with Somali Security Forces have minimized the threat posed by Al-Shabaab in the larger territory of Somalia hence their fighting capability has been reduced into small scale attacks on isolated targets,” he revealed.

The Deputy Head of Mission for AMISOM, Simon Mulongo, congratulated SNA and AMISOM for their commitment to restore peace, security and stability in Somalia.

“The liberation of Jannale is a major win against terrorism in Somalia. This will destabilise the operations of Al-Shabaab who continue to destroy lives and properties. Increasingly, Somali Security Forces are taking the lead in efforts to degrade Al-Shabaab,” said the Deputy Head of Mission for AMISOM.

The capture of Jannale is in line with the revised AMISOM Concept of Operations (CONOPS 2018-2021) and the Somali Transition Plan. AMISOM forces jointly with Somali Security Forces, have conducted offensive operations in Lower Shabelle to capture the four Bridge Towns.

They successfully captured Sabiid-Anoole in April 2019, Bariire in May 2019, and Awdheegley in August 2019. As part of measures to secure the coastal areas, the town of Ceel Saliini was also captured by the joint forces in June 2019.



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