DISASTER ALERT! Store food, brace for bad weather for 3 months -Govt

Floods and landslides that rocked Kasese last year are expected; File Photo

Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Disaster preparedness has advised Ugandans to store food and take extra caution against tough weather conditions the country is set to experience including floods, storms and landslides.

According to Mr. Martin Owor -the Commissioner Disaster Preparedness and Management in the office of the Prime Minister, with the advent of the rainy season, several sub-regions of Uganda will experience abnormal rainfall  in the next three months, which is expected to trigger catastrophic incidents including massive floods and landslides.

Mr. Owor says, the Elgon, Rwenzori and Kigezi sub-regions will experience massive floods and landslides, while most parts of the country will experience strong winds and lightning. The public has been advised to store food and firewood to last three months.

He says the people should not be caught unprepared, take extra care of the children, the week and the elderly in the next three months.

People living near river banks and steep slopes have been advised to shift to safer locations, and clear drainage channels near their homes. They should also reinforce their roofs and walls where necessary.

Residents are also strongly advised not to walk or allow a driver, and boda-boda rider to take them through roads or bridges even when floods appear to be bellow knee level.



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