I was lost, but now NRM is my home –Betty Kamya

Finally at Home; Betty Kamya formally joins NRM; NBS Photo

Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Hon. Betty Kamya has said after getting ‘lost’ for years, she has finally found home NRM. Kamya said she is comfortable in NRM, and those who find comfort in her former party, can stay there.

Kamya made the remarks during an interview with a local television NBS on Wednesday, a day after she formalized her allegiance to the ruling party NRM.

Betty Kamya, formerly the President of the Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) has been a cabinet minister in NRM under a loose alliance, but formally quit UFA yesterday and took oath of allegiance at an event held in Rubaga Division, Kampala.

Kamya said her story is one of the biblical prodigal son who left home, found life hard outside, but later returned home a changed person.

“Being in the NRM is like coming back home. The story of the prodigal son happens often and mine is no different”

Kamya said, she has a longstanding connection with NRM and Museveni dating back to days of Idi Amin in the 70’s. She said, her late husband John Spencer Turwomwe was a member of FRONASA which was led by Museveni. Her husband she says, was part of the NRA rebel group that took over government in 1986, and she was a supporter of the NRM until 2001.

Kamya said, having made a complete circle and rubbed shoulders with everyone in both the opposition and NRM, she is convinced NRM has the most comfortable political environment.

 “I am joining a mass party that the people of Uganda find comfort with especially in times of profiling security –a fundamental aspect of life” Betty Kamya said. She said the fights and violence in the opposition is scary.

Kamya said she is however sorry to her supporters in opposition who got hurt along the way, but it happens in life. She also said some of the leaders in UFA do respect his decision to quit, and noted that some escorted her to yesterday’s event.

“Now, I am much old and wiser. I have seen that President Museveni and NRM are heads and shoulders above all other political politicians and political parties” She said.

Betty Kamya speaking at an event during which formally quit UFA; New Vision Photo

Speaking about the fate of UFA, Betty Kamya said UFA will remain with those who believe in it, but she will remain friendly.

“UFA remains part of my history whose ideology of devolution of power I cannot divorce. Federo was put to a test, and found not in consonant with the current political situation” she said.



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