Liars! Asan Kasingye trashes Bobi’s claim that Police killed People Power Babe.

Gone too soon; Rita Nabukenya a People Power supporter who died today; Online Photo

Uganda Police Force Chief Political Commissar, AIGP Asan Kasingye has ruled out any act of foul-play in the death of Rita Nabukenya, a supporter affiliated to Hon. Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi’s People Power, an opposition pressure group in Uganda.

Reports indicate that Nabukenya died today morning, but the circumstances that led to her death are still under contention with People Power boss Bobi Wine taking to social media and blaming government for killing her.

Afande Kasingye as he is usually addressed on social media, said People Power leaders and all people making claims to implicate the police force in the murder of Nabukenya are liars, and their lies are soon going to be exposed.

According to Bobi Wine, Rita Nabukenya was knocked dead by a police truck, while she was travelling on a motor bike in areas around Nakawa this morning. People Power Spokesperson Joel Senyonyi claims police pursued Nabukenya after seeing her in people power attire.

In a message posted on his personal social media platform, Kasingye said they (Bobi Wine and group) should wait for a CCTV clip which shows that Nabukenya was a victim of a road accident involving two motorcycles. According to his post, Nabukenya fell off from a motorcycle, and a nearby police van helped rush her to Mulago Hospital for treatment.

He said the Spokesperson of Police will soon release a statement over the matter.

“Let them wait for the CCTV clip showing to M/Cs knock each other, a passenger falling off & a nearby Police van helping to rush her to Mulago. Their lies will dry up. Remember, the motor accident of a musician at Kalerwe? “tape measure”saga? This is another! PRO making a release.” He posted.

Kasingye also likened the events surrounding Nabukenya’s, death to an accident which happened to another people power supporter Ziggy Wine when Bobi Wine and his supporters alleged government had a hand in his death.



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