My Husband is Possessed, Teddy asks believers to pray for Pastor Bugingo

A photo montage of Susan Makula, Pastor Bugingo and Teddy Naluswa Bugingo; File

Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, wife to Pastor Aloysious Bugingo has said only God can save his estranged husband, and appealed to all believers to pray for revival that will see Bugingo repent and return to his family.

Teddy Bugingo said she believes her husband is possessed by a spirit which must be cast out through prayers.

Teddy made the remarks today in a talk-show on Top Television hosted by Pastor Jackson and Eve Senyonga, who are known critics of Pastor Bugingo’s move to divorce his wife, and his recent teachings against marriage vows in relation to marriage.

Bugingo, House of Prayer Ministries International’s lead pastor opted to divorce his 29 years official wife, and started cohabiting with a young lady named Susan Makula. His teachings have since turned critical of Church marriage, as he castigates the relevancy of marriage vows and rings.

“We made vows 29 years ago! I pray for him because spiritually, I believe he is not the problem. He is possessed, and we must fight to free him from the devil because the spirit will spread from him to other people” Teddy said.

During the program, Teddy said she is always praying to God for restoration of her family, and believes Pastor Bugingo will one day realize his mistake, dump Susan and return to her. She said she is confident God will deal with Bugingo the way he dealt with Abraham when he engaged in an extra marital affair with a housemaid.

Quoting from the Bible Psalms; 15:4, and Romans 2:24 she said she made a resolution to neither remove the marriage ring from her finger, abandon her kids, nor leave her matrimonial home for the fear of God’s word. She said she is conscious of the message divorce will send to the world especially her children.

She confessed she still loves Bugingo and always immersed in prayers to have him back.

Pastor Senyonga and his wife Eve Senyonga vowed to join in prayer with Teddy until Bugingo repents and returns to his family. The Senyonga’s advised Bugingo to repent, return to his family, apologize to the body of Christ and denounce teachings that are not rooted in the Bible.

Teddy however noted that Bugingo is conscious of his misdeeds, and what is important is to help his followers who are being constantly fed on false doctrine, as believers of all faiths pray for God’s hand to transform him.

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“Mr Bugingo you are misplaced, this is your wife! Pick a phone and call her now, and she is waiting for you” Senyonga mocked Bugingo.

Pr. Senyonga appealed to married couple to shun divorce saying it is part of a plot by the devil to break the family structure and the Church. He said Bugingo’s case is a manifestation of an attack on the Church and the family, and his teachings promote prostitution, murders, hate and homosexuality since it undermines commitment to God’s word which emphasizes marriage between one man and one woman.



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