Kenyan Security repulse Al-Shabaab attack in Lamu

KDF soldiers on guard in Pandanguo Village in Lamu; Daily Nation Photo

Security agencies in Lamu have repulsed a group of about 50 heavily armed suspected Al-Shabaab militants who attempted to attack Pandanguo Village in Witu Division, Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation has reported.

The gun battle which lasted for about five hours started at around 10.30pm Saturday.

Pandanguo Village Elder Adan Golja said the group of about 40 to 50 heavily armed suspected Al-Shabaab militants tried to force their way into the village at around 10pm.

Before reaching the village, they met with a farmer identified as Hashim who was tending to his crops. The heavily armed men interrogated him for more than 20 minutes, asking him about the security status in our area, including how many police and military camps are there. He told them the place is well-protected, having both GSU and KDF soldiers.

According to the village headman, the farmer reported the matter to him and he in turn sent some police reservists to the scene.

A fire exchange ensued between the reservists and the terrorists. A few minutes later, GSU and KDF officers manning the area responded.

“A serious gun fight between the KDF, GSU and NPR against the militants went on from 10.30pm until 3am when the militants were repulsed. They, however, managed to harvest almost all the maize in the one acre farm before they fled deep into the dense Boni Forest,” said Mr Golja.

Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia confirmed the gunfight in Pandanguo but said that the situation had been contained.



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