I am physically fit and ready for War –Museveni

Ready' Gen. Yoweri Museveni President of Uganda: File photo

President Museveni said he is physically fit and ready if necessary to engage his enemies in combat to defend Africa.

The President was addressing a congregation of trekkers and residents of Butologo in Mubende District today during the on-going 6-Day historical journey dubbed AfrikaKwetu as he leads NRA veterans and Bazukkulu to retrace the footsteps of combatants during the bush war.

President Museveni said despite ideological consciousness built overtime which has resulted into relative prosperity, Africans need to remain physically fit, and ready to fight if war erupts. He said it requires both discipline and preparation to survive in a modern world, and to achieve ideological goals of patriotism, which many Ugandans lack.

 “You need to remain strong to fight if necessary. If you start a war now, I will be there. I don’t need to depend on Bazukulu to defend me. Anyone who comes near, I also send him to…” He said.

At 75 years, President Museveni has demonstrated undisputed stamina and endurance during the 195KM trek which is on its 5th day involving climbing steep hills and long hours walk through rough terrain.

He said the challenge of Africans is having the will to overcome, but not ready to fight and endure saying patriotism should be both in spirit and readiness to actualize it. He said has managed to overcome obstacles along the trek because he undertakes routine physical fitness drills, and advised Ugandans to emulate his healthy lifestyle.

“I am not Jesus who offered himself for crucifixion without resistance. For him he had chosen the path of martyrdom and aware that he would resurrect. I cannot let that happen to me” Museveni said.

He said the goal of salvation of Africa lies in both the ideology, discipline, and how Africans are ready to defend themselves. He however scoffed at individuals and groups still engulfed in conservative ideologies tagged on their tribes, nations and religion denying themselves a wider market for products and hence limited prosperity.

He said prosperity in modern times depends on mass production with a ready market which cannot be possible in enclosed societies engrossed in indiscipline, and with lazy people.

“Don’t tell me about Bugandaism, Ankoleism, Basogga Nseete, and Meegwa. Tell me the spirit of Uganda and Africa because our salvation is in unity and readiness to act.



  1. Repeating years ago statement made by m7 while the shooting range In kyankwanzi after he recovered from a injured hand. If you think I’m lying please give the photo creditor. This could be a bad news repory

  2. People’s Presdent yagamba let us fight the EC first because EC is for BOSiCO but u don’t want to listen to him nga muli ukimu ndaga muntu mukilizeng okuwuliliza buli kintu ekibawo senior wade muli bavubuka Nate simwe musings okumanya


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