NBS’s Dalton Kaweesa fires back at Nambooze over People Power remarks

On the spot; Hon. Betty Bakireke Nambooze; File Photo

People’s government Spokesperson Betty Bakireke Nambooze is embroiled in a controversy over stinging comments she recently made depicting People Power Movement as a cohort of opportunistic politicians whose popularity cannot outlive the next election.

The remarks have since attracted criticism and anger among People Power supporters forcing Nambooze to disown her own words claiming Nile Broadcasting Service (NBS) journalist Dalton Kaweesa twisted her statements to cause conflict within the opposition.

Nambooze attacked NBS journalist Dalton Kaweesa accusing him of being part of a project to draw her into controversies, and using NBS logo to publicize fake stories, to keep the opposition at war.

In a response shared on social media today, Dalton Kaweesa literally undressed Nabooze as a liar, a dishonest and uninformed politician riding on blackmail. Kaweesa also accused Nambooze of shamelessly becoming economical with truth, and bringing his family into personal matters that lack basis.

Kaweesa went ahead to post a video recorded clip cut out of the NBS program Morning Breeze in which Nambooze made the same statement she denies to have said.

In another video recording, Betty Nambooze says People power is a cohort of opportunistic politicians, and a movement whose lifespan can’t go beyond 2021 further indicting the legislator.

“You said what you said, and People Power responded. Who put you on gun point to speak?” Dalton scornfully asked?

Dalton also pinned Nambooze for falsely accusing him of writing malicious stories about her arrest in 2008, yet at that time Kaweesa had not joined journalism. He however said he is not surprised at Nambooze’s character of telling lies and hoodwinking gullible folks.

“The Chinese have a saying; fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I am waiting for your Double double” Kaweesa wrote. Watch the space.



  1. Naye people who call them selves people power can talk any thing they don’t move their CD back Namboze was toucheredone week when those mafias kidnapped her with the Katikilo now with Segons

  2. Hon nambonze is a lier let us join hands and support mayor kagimu in the forth coming parliamentary elections


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