Suspect evades arrest, shoots himself dead at Police Station


Police in Kabale is investigating circumstances surrounding a case of suicide involving a security guard who shot himself dead at the police station.

Its alleged that on Thursday, one Mucunguzi Danis a private security officer and Kigezi regional supervisor for Saracen company, responded to summons from Okiror Stephen I.O Kabale Police Station to answer allegations of defilement, only to pull out a pistol and shot himself in the head before saying anything.

Police have since confirmed that on 01, Jan 2020, the deceased defiled a 16 year-old girl at his home in Bugongi in kabale municipality, prompting summons from police to make a statement. Upon arrival at the station he was told of his arrest and subsequent detention to help in investigations.

However, before he was searched, he pulled out a pistol, shot him self on the head and died instantly.

It was established that the deceased was in possession of star pistol no. UG PSO T1102-6A01019 which he used to shoot him self belonging to Saracen security company

Before the deceased killed himself it had been discovered that he was a patient living with HIV which would automatically change the offence to aggravated defilement and authorities have since advised the father of the victim to take her to Rugarama hospital for administration of PEP.




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