Mc Kats finally speaks out on his family’s HIV status

The only one; Mc Kats says his family is safe: Kampala Sun Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

The last few days have seen Mc  Kats, real name Edwin Katamba turn from just another mad man to a bold public figure and a strong activist against HIV/AIDS having revealed that he is living with the virus. In a video making rounds on social media from Nbs TV evening show Uncut, Mc Kats affirms that he is indeed HIV/AIDS positive.

In the same video, Kats clearly states that his baby mama Fille Mutoni is not infected, and not any of his kids is infected with the virus. He also advises HIV patients to always take ARVs as advised by doctors . The self proclaimed King of the Mic is also holding his 2nd edition of his event tonight at Kololo based night spot Wave lounge.

Mc Kats added that he’s been living like that for the past 8 years. The celebrated MC goes ahead to reveal that he has come out as a leader to be a bold example to the public that one can live with HIV and prosper in life. Mc Kats is however disappointed with how the Ugandan government hasn’t done enough to sensitize people about this. He also calls upon different organisations to embark on efforts to provide help to other HIV / AIDS patients.

Discordance in the HIV status of couples is a factual and proven phenomena among both married or cohabiting couples. In 2011, the Health Ministry reported that discordance in couples with HIV was on the increase in Uganda although they were yet to fully understand the causes of this phenomenon.

Majority of Ugandans have applauded Mc Kats bold decision and for standing out to joining the fight against HIV/AIDS epidemic.



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