We are dating -Angella Katatumba finally admits she is love

In love; Artiste Angella Katatuma: Online Photo.

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Rema & Hamza aside, we have a fresh celebrity couple in town. Songstress Angella Katatumba has finally let the cat out of the bag about dating producer Daddy Andre.

The “Out of my head” singer has revealed that she is indeed dating the renown’ city producer Andrew Ojambo Alias Daddy Andree.

Katatumba and Andree have been close friends for quite a while, with the latter producing music for the songstress. The bond between the two seem seem to have surpassed music business. It’s also reported that they have been dating for a couple of months, though the two kept denying it.

While speaking to Spark TV, Katatuma admitted that they are indeed dating. Daddy Andree didn’t deny this time round too saying it can work out for them just like Beyoncé & Jayz . We hope they become the celebrity couple to replace the many faded ones.



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