Bantariza under fire over gun talk, creates a storm on social media

Under fire; Deputy Government Spokesperson Col. Shaban Bantariza; New Vision Photo.

The Deputy Government Spokesperson Rtd. Col. Shaban Bantariza is under fire over statements he made alleging that he has three guns on standby in his car, ready to unleash fire on People Power in case they continue threatening the “peace” of Ugandans.

In the same message aired on Nation Television NTV, Bantariza claims that NRM would rather go back to the bush to keep power, than hand over to the opposition.

Bantariza’s tweeter message has triggered a massive storm on social media forcing him to retreat to the defensive. The responses range from advisory and exclamations, to insults.

Check out some of the selected responses

Godber Tumushabe; [email protected] don’t you have to respect that our army uniform and the guns that Ugandans pay for. And the salary you draw for use every month. What have you got to lose by being humble? Talk to the UPDF Spokesperson and learn to honor your oath.

Bantariza; Comrade Godber, Humility is a virtue, not just as a sermon on the Mountain, for me, but for all of us! Just a reminder; Am not in uniform, and am not under Command! As for a salary, I hope you know salaries are not gratuities or gifts!

Nobert Mao; Before I comment I’d like to confirm whether @Shaban bantariza actually said this or was he simply “intoxicated by the exuberance of his own verbosity” as one judge said of an overzealous lawyer. Did he have anything to say or did he just feel he had to say something?

Journalist Allan Kassujja; Ndugu Col @ShabanBantariza Gyebaleko! These things of Kyakyaisaring #Ugandans with guns don’t work. Walai its old, irritating and suggests a complete lack of ideas. You will find that the only people who want to take us back are the ones who talk about their guns.

 Journalist Julius Senkandwa; -A man of your caliber how can you arrogantly say “I have my three guns in the car”and we use fire! All in all you have a responsibility to sieve what to say and when to say it those guns are not yours they belong to Ugandans and so they must give you permission to use them.

Bantariza; Permission was given when I took possession of those guns! That’s why not everybody is armed!! Taking offence because of what I said, tells me I said what you didn’t want to hear, but what many others were happy to hear! Be sure, I will repeat it!! And thats Life!

Richard Byemalo Nyombi@NyombiRichard -Reckless statement from the person I respect as a father figure @ShabanBantariza ,,nevertheless, these bushmen can’t afford even a single week in the wild given the luxury &aged life they’re living. If we decided to fight u with fire, u stand no chance against us @HEBobiwine

PAPARAZZI@paparazi75 -U are a coward afande @ShabanBantariza ,you are the very people keeping uganda backward with your primitive mindset thinking that having 3 guns in the car makes u anything to reckon with. You should be ashamed of your yourself old man,you are in the late evening of your departure



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