Budhagali to be buried after 8 days, fathered ‘countless’ children

Passed on; Traditional religious leader Budhagali; File

Budhagali, the fallen guardian of the spirits of Bujagali, in Jinja District will be laid to rest on Sunday.

Muhamed Kitimbo, a family member said Budhagali will be buried on 3rd November 2019. He said the decision on the 8-day period made today is in respect to an elder and a traditional religious leader who is recognized across Africa.

Budhagali, whose real name is Donozio Namunkanga, is the 37th Nabamba of Budhagali. He died on 26th October 2019 after a long illness.

Kitimbo said Budhagali has been a darling in Busoga and a tourist attraction who traveled the world preaching his Busamize religion despite his modest education background.

Kitimbo says Budhagali was diagnosed with diabetes and other diseases but a conclusive report on the actual cause of his death has not been released.

He said Budhagali will be buried at his home in Budhagali Village, Budondo Sub County, Jinja District.

Muvvu clan representative Godfrey Mwasse said, Budhagali left behind many children but his culture does not allow counting of children.



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