Indians survive a Deadly Gang, 2 arrested in Kampala

Suspected Armed robbers at ISO headquarters after they were arrested

Indians identified as employees of Tip Top Bakery -a Confectionery company based in Industrial Area, one of the suburbs of Kampala City will live another day following a foiled armed robbery in the City, on a rainy Saturday morning.

The robbers, three in number and armed with a gun, knives, Chloroform and ground pepper were travelling on a Boda Boda, Bajaj Boxer registration UDK 322R. The robbers targeted a vehicle which Indians were using to ferry cash amounting to 40 million shillings belonging to Tip Top company.

ISO operatives acting on a tip-off, intercepted the robbers and managed to arrest 2 men, while the third who had a gun managed to escape and he is still on the run.

The two currently under ISO custody have been identified as Sempija Musa and Mwinya Robert testified that the robbery was facilitated through convenience with an employee of the company who was going to drive the vehicle that to ferry cash to the bank.

On interrogation, the driver testified that the planned attack was to have robbers intercept the vehicle in a specific spot on its way to the bank, open doors, pepper spray him and shoot the Indians before taking the loot.

Deadly items that robbers wanted to use in the foiled robbery

One of the Indians named Balaji who survived the ordeal said God saved their lives but he didn’t expect their own employee whom he used to treat as a brother to connive against them.

The new development comes a day after the Police force announced a reviewed security plan to combat criminality in Kampala Metropolitan Area that highlighted 5 key areas as part of an enhanced security plan to curb violent crimes in the country.



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