Pastor Bugembe delivers a Powerful prophesy to Museveni

Pr Bugembe shaking hands with President Museveni during prayers

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Light of the World Church has told Museveni that he should not fear because God is willing to help him to the very end.

Pastor Bugembe delivered the prophesy on Tuesday during the National Prayers held at Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala, organized by Parliament. President Museveni was the Chief Guest at the annual event attended by high profile citizens, policy makers, international delegates, and religious leaders.

Pastor Bugembe said that in the morning he received a special message from God to President Museveni, and the Holy Spirit directed him to pray for the President after delivering the message.

“Honestly Mr. President, the Lord gave me a message for you; the Lord told me to tell you, ‘He who was with you in the early days, He who saved you from bullets –this is God talking to you Sir, that fear not. He was with you then, He who saved you..Essasi nelitakukwata (bullets did not kill you), Era y’ommu Mr. President Y’agenda Okukuyaamba (He is going to help you)’” Bugembe prophesied.

He also said the Holy Spirit also instructed him to ask the audience to pray for the President for protection, wisdom, and divine help in times of anxiety and fear.

With stretched hands, Pastor Bugembe led the audience in a prayer for the President’s protection, more wisdom and strength.

“I pray that you shall be remembered in history as one of God’s generals that took over mountains, and took Uganda to a level no one ever thought, I release your word Father, and bless the President and his Family in Jesus’ Mighty name” He prayed, and the audience in unison said “Amen”

President Museveni, first lady Janet Museveni and Speaker Kadaga praying during the event

Bugembe also invited Museveni to visit his Church the way he has been visiting other Churches, and asked to shake the Presidents hand, which he did.

The key note speaker at the prayers was a preacher and renown author of the Seven Mountains Prophesy Pastor Jonny Enrow.



  1. Steady progress in The 2040 project implemention. Pastor Bugingo’s profesy prayer for His Excellency is a Must.We all should keep keep our eyes open and pray for ourselves. I believe and Uphold Pr Bugingo’s prayer.For God and the Pearl of AFRICA. Amen !


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