My Fellow pastors out to finish me –Pr. Bugingo names ‘Enemies’ who want to take his Life


Lead pastor at House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) and proprietor of Salt Media Pastor Alosious Bugingo has said his longtime enemies who include fellow pastors are now out to finish him off.

Pastor Bugingo made the claim during the Sunday service at Canan land Makerere Kikoni before a congregation of his followers.

Bugingo told his followers that they should start praying for his life because the enemies who orchestrated the eviction of his Church from Bat Valley Primary School are not stopping at anything, and out to finish him.

He however said he doesn’t know how many his enemies are, but singled out Pastor Jackson Senyonga, the lead Pastor at Christian Life Church and proprietor of Top Media as the one who is at the forefront of plans to finish him off.

Bugingo accused Senyonga of tarnishing his name as a false preacher, and one who is fighting everything he has put up including his family, Church and now his life. He said Senyonga is out to frustrate everything he does, and the latest is when Senyonga allegedly booked the days on which Bugingo organizes annual prayer events in Namboole Stadium.

He said his enemies seem to follow a written script that guide their evil plan, and they every time come up with a new plan to bring him down.

“If what is left for him is killing me, I request you to pray for me. Bretheren, if a person can ask to buy out what you have worked for years and pay to take it, then he can also ask for a price of your life” Bugingo said. “Don’t say it cannot happen but pray for me because even if he takes me to court, I will say it again” he added.

He said he received notice from the administration of Namboole stadium informing him that the days on which he holds annual prayer events in the Stadium since 2013 have been booked by Pastor Senyonga, add therefore he will not be able to hold the events on those days.

On Friday last week, Pastor Jackson Senyonga told President Museveni that he has evidence implicating several fake pastors into evil worship involving human sacrifice. The president was officiating at a function organized by Pastor Jackson Senyonga at his Church at Kavule, Makerere Kawempe Division in Kampala.

Bugingo said Senyonga’s statements were meant to pre-empt what could happen in future to exonerate himself in case a pastor is murdered because he would say he reported it in advance.

He accused Senyonga of fighting all his establishments including organizing crusades in all areas where he usually takes them including Mbale, Iganga and Bugembe in Jinja with a motive of tarnishing him as a false preacher.

All through the Sunday prayer service, Bugingo kept referring to his “enemies” and “enemies of his ministry,” and urging the congregants to pray so that the people after him do not stealthily alter the land title for the church land at Makerere with a motive to steal the land.



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