You risk making God Angry if your Flock remain Poor- Museveni tells Religious Leaders

HE. Yoweri Museveni with Religious leaders. File.

President Museveni has advised religious leaders to embrace his message of wealth creation and help their flock out of poverty, otherwise they risk making God angry.

Speaking at a symposium on investment in Westnile held at Muni University in Arua on Friday, President Museveni noted that almost all resources to enable sustainable investment in the region are available, but leaders must not forget the importance of attracting the majority of Ugandans into the money economy.

President Museveni said leaving out the 68 percent of Ugandans who are in subsistence economy, in any business, undermines the consumption base as well as the source of raw materials because an empowered majority will provide ready market for the products manufactured, and a ready workforce for factories.

 President Museveni expressed disappointment over offerings given to God by believers, and appealed to religious leaders to help people out of poverty otherwise God will unleash anger on them.

He narrated an embarrassing incident when he attended an annual thanksgiving ceremony in Ntungamo District where he saw people offering simple gifts like eggs and sugarcane.

 “If you are a bishop or a reverend, or a sheikh undermining the development of your people, you are equally undermining resources of your Church. Imagine one woman brought one egg to God after a year! When Americans are celebrating 50 years of going to the moon, here you are bringing one egg to God after a year? God will be angry with us.” Said President Museveni.

Museveni cited a parable of talents in the Bible which emphasizes the fact that God can withdraw ones talent if it is not well utilized and multiplied to create more wealth. He said offering such gifts might anger God to withdraw the talents he gave to them.

 “Be careful so that God does not take away the talents he gave us and give it to other people” He added.

President Museveni advised the people in Westnile region to embrace commercial farming and to choose crops that can be grown on small acreage, but fetch reasonable income since most of the land is fragmented.

He said the region is strategically located along the border of Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan which gives investors an advantage of ready market an attribute that must be exploited.

He assured prospective investors that the ongoing reconstruction of a railway line up to Packwach, availability of road networks in the region, abundant electricity supply, and ready market for products, provides a conducive environment for investment in the region.



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