Chameleon ‘stings’ Nambooze on Her Birthday

Photo montage of Chameleon and Nambooze

“I pray that God gives you wisdom to see good in others”- Chameleon

DP’s national Mobilizer and prominent singer Joseph Mayanja who is commonly known as Jose Chameleon has provoked the Mukono Municipality MP with a stinging message that is likely to trigger a war of words between the two politicians who seem not to trust each other.

In a birthday message shared on his official twitter page, Chameleon applauded Nabooze for her brave and fearless leadership, and in a provocative manner prayed that God gives her wisdom to see good in others.

Chameleon’s recent declaration to join the Democratic Party to which Nabooze belong, was highly criticized by Namboze who challenged him to prove that he will not be a “chameleon” in DP.

“Chameleon joining DP should not excite anyone because at one time he announced that he had joined Islam but eventually came back to the Catholic Church” Nambooze was quoted to have said before saying that the onus to prove his genuine allegiance to the party lied on Chameleon.

What people can now wait to see is how the legislator for Mukono Municipality will receive this birthday message.



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