Bobi Wine cautions Joe Biden over support to Museveni, reiterates call for aid cuts to Uganda

Uganda's opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine; Courtesy Photo

Uganda’s opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi says by continuing to support what he referred to as a dictatorship under the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni, the US and President Joe Biden risk turning into accomplices in the “criminality” going on in Uganda.

In an interview with Cable News Network -CNN, former presidential candidate Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, reiterated the appeal to Joe Biden and the donor community in the West, to reign on the regime in Kampala by use of aid cuts, in enforcement of Democracy, human rights and rule of law.

While reacting to a question on what he is doing to cause political reforms considering the loyalty demonstrated by his supporters towards him during the January 2021 presidential elections, Kyagulanyi said there is little he can do against General Museveni’s government which he accused of using brute force to steal victory thereby denying Ugandans a chance to express their Constitutional rights.

A pop star turned an opposition figure, Bobi Wine spoke on his recent house arrest and his continued push for political reform in Uganda.

“I am afraid that we are running out of options.. We have always encouraged our people to remain non-violent and it seems Gen Museveni is taking us for-granted. It is in the interest of Gen Museveni and the people of Uganda that he respects the law. But again, It is in the interest of the world and development partners not to continue supporting such fraud because Uganda is a clear military dictatorship and it is unfortunate to see that world democracies are busy seen to hobnob with a known dictator who has no respect for rule of law” Kyagulanyi said.

Referring to incidents including his recent house arrest by security during a local byelection in which his party participated, Kyagulanyi said the repressive actions of the ruling government under Museveni have pushed the population to a tipping point with high chances that people will soon opt for violent means to reclaim their rights.

“It is now evident that the will of the people can no longer be expressed through elections in Uganda. We have been encouraging people to remain non-violent and participate in elections despite violence and fraud. Gen Museveni seems to be pusing people to the tipping point. He is pushig a generation of over 85 per cent youths and I am afraid that we might get to a time when we have no control over the anger of the people of Uganda.” Kyagulanyi noted.

Asked what his message to US president Joe Biden is, Kyagulanyi said it is time for Biden to withdraw aid support to Uganda or risk being bundled as an accomplice in crime.

“My message to president Biden is that Uganda appreciates the relationship with America but we would really appreciate to see that US -a respectable democracy is not seen as a partner in crime with a military dictatorship in Uganda. While we share values of democracy, Human rights rule of law, it should be a precondition of corporation otherwise it would be a partnership in crime and oppression.” Kyagulanyi remarked.

“Time has come for all democratic nations to stop supporting a confessed military dictator who delights in murder, torture, abduction and imprisonment. Nations must make a conscious choice to listen to Museveni or listen to the cry of the people of Uganda.” he later posted on Twitter.

“The United States shares a strong and enduring partnership with the Ugandan people to help build a healthy, vibrant society where every Ugandan child, woman, and man has opportunities to achieve their full potential.” The message on the Embassy website reads.

According to the 2020 Report by the US Embassy in Uganda, the United States through 13 government agencies, invests almost $1 billion annually in Ugandan communities with huge budget support going to health, education and other sectors.

The report shows that in 2020, America extended $953 million in financial assistance to Uganda with $517 Million injected into the health sector, $206 Million to host 1.4 million refugees, $13 Million to promote justice & democracy and $60 Million for economic growth especially in agriculture.

The report also highlights 12 milestones the US government registered in the fight against COVID-19 including support to critical treatment, technical data support, vaccine rollout, technical support, oxygen supplies and PPEs, Laboratories, Mobile hospital services, emergency services, boarder screening stations etc.

“We would really hope that the United States, a respectable democracy, doesn’t become a partner in crime with the military dictatorship of Uganda.” Bobi Wine said.




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