Police in Nateete arrest Man who sodomized juveniles aged 11 and 12


Police in Nateete division are holding a one Mutabazi Deo, 30 years old and resident of Mutundwe Wabiyinja zone, Bunamwaya division, for the Aggravated Defilement and Sodomy of two male juveniles aged 11 and 12.

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga the suspect called the two victims to his room a week ago, lubricated their anuses with oil and sodomized them.

In a statement, Enanga says concerned neighbours, alerted the parents to the victims, who tipped the Defence Secretary LCI, of the area, who responded immediately.

During arrest, the suspect was found with two other male juveniles, aged 10 and 13, seated on hid bed, with lubricated anuses, pending sodomy.

The suspect was arrested on charges of Aggravated Defilement and indecent assault.

It is however unclear why the culprit Mutabazi Deo was spared the charges of aggravated homosexuality which according to the Anti-Homosexuality Act adopted by Uganda in May 2023, attracts a death sentence on conviction.

Aggravated homosexuality is when the victim of homosexuality is a minor or the culprit is found to have been infected with HIV.

Enanga says incidents of sexual abuse against young boys and teenagers, clearly reveals the dangers they face in the community.



  1. Please be informed that aggravated defilement sec 129 of penal code covers aggravated homosexuality and the maximum sentence is death.

    the anti homosexuality act was not necessary at all.

    and there is no reason to wonder why it was not used because its validity is contested in the constitutional court.

    Pr Moses Solomon Male


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