Over 2000 evicted residents in Hoima seek president Museveni’s intervention to return to their land


Over 2000 residents from four villages have appealed to president Museveni to return them to their disputed land where they have been violently re-evicted for the second time in Kapapi and Kiganja sub-counties in Hoima District.

It should be remembered that last month, the Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Judith Nabakooba, ordered over 500 people who had been evicted from the disputed land to return to land as investigations into ownership of the land continues.

The minister in February made the directive during a meeting with the affected residents and local leaders at Rukola Primary School in Rukola Village, Kapapi Sub County, Hoima District.

One of the resident Caleb Alfred said immediately after the minister Nabakooba ordered that they return to their homes, the goons alleged to be from security agencies landed on them, beat them up, killed livestock, and destroyed their properties ordering them to vacate the Land.

Minister Nabakooba recently ordered 500 evicted Hoima families to return to their homes but the order was violated; Courtesy photo

He said the residents also want president Museveni to help them resettle them by re-constructing shelters that were destroyed.

Caleb Alfred alleges that there high profile powerful individuals in the security circles who are involved in land grabbing, they looted their properties, beat up women and to date the victims have nowhere to settle other than sleeping under the trees with their families have not where to settle.

The residents include; Faith Kamahi, a resident of Kapapi Sub County and others added that the exercise of eviction was done illegally, there was no court order and it was at night when all the occupants were fully evicted.



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