IGG puts Government officials on notice over mandatory Declaration of wealth

IGG Beti Kamya; Courtesy Photo

The Inspector General of Government IGG Betti Kamya Turwomwe today called upon government officials to declare their wealth before March 31st, or run the risk of losing their offices.

Kamya issued a notice while addressing the press at Uganda Media Center on the declaration Period for leaders due to start next week on 1st March up to 31st March 2023.

Article 233(2) and 234 of the Constitution of Uganda and Section 4 of the Leadership Code Act requires political leaders and appointed leaders to declare their incomes, Assets and liabilities to the IG every two years in the month of March.

The previous declaration was done in March 2021.

“The purpose of this briefing is to remind all concerned leaders to comply with this constitutional requirement or risk serious repercussions” Kamya said adding that there will not be any extension after the declaration period expires.

According to the IGG, this years exercise will be launched in Lira City and will be launched by the Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa who will in effect be the first declarant this year.

There are serious sanctions under the law if a leader fails to declare, under-declares, over declares, falsifies the facts or anticipates during declaration of income, assets and liabilities.

Sanctions for the breach of the leadership code include fines, warning, caution, demotion, dismissal from office, vacation of office, and confiscation and forfeiture of illicitly acquired assets, gifts or benefits to government.

This exercise however excludes public officials though they also declare but under a different legal provision.

The affected officials are those whose salary are paid from the consolidated fund including elected political leaders from LC3 upwards to the President. It also affects Members of Parliament, Judges of Courts, presidential appointments like Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Public institutions, Board Members of Public institutions, Magistrates, Presidential advisers and Assistants, Executive leaders of political parties, UPDF Officers, RDCs and Deputy RDCs among others.

The declarations will be digital using the IG-Online Declaration System (IG-ODS) which will be opened on March 1st.



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