Mbale: 9 Asians arrested in operation to evict foreigners staying illegally in Uganda


Officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) in conjuction with security agencies today conducted an impromptu operation in Mbale City where 9 people of Asian origin were arrested after it was found out that they were illegally staying in Uganda.

The nine, according to the ministry spokesman Simon Mundeyi include 5 Indians and 4 Pakistanis and were found operating various businesses without work permits in contravention of immigration laws.

Mundeyi said the foreigners who were arrested will be conveyed to Kampala for further assessment after which those who will be found to have not labored to legalize their stay in Uganda will face the law.

According to local immigration laws, foreigners are supposed to acquire work permits in order to operate business in Uganda. Mundeyi said most of those arrested had travelled to Uganda on tourist visa but had already opened business in Mbale City which is illegal.

He said, for such cases, a foreigner can be prosecuted or deported back to the country of origin, or accorded organised departure.



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