OPM regrets Budo School incident of Minister’s vehicle smashing a student’s suitcase


The office of the Prime Minister has given in to public pressure and owned up the grisly incident in which State Minister in charge of Bunyoro Affairs Jennifer Namuyangu’s official vehicle knocked and destroyed a suitcase belonging to a student at Budo Senior Secondary School.

Over the weekend, a vehicle registered number UG0915Z driven by a one Aipikor Stephen smashed a student’s suitcase on its way to drop a kid. After the incident, it is alleged that the driver and occupants left a 10,000/ note as compensation for damages and drove away.

It has not been established if mibister Namuyangu was inside the vehicle at that time but the photograph of the vehicle went viral on social media sparking public outrage over this inconsiderate conduct of a government official.

In a statement by the PS in the OPM Keith Muhakanizi, has condemned the indiscipline of the driver and said he had been directed to account for his actions.

Muhakanizi notes that swift disciplinary measures against the culprit will be taken by the OPM and Traffic police have been invited to acommence investigations and arraign the driver in courts of law.

“The office of the OPM regrets the incident and is teaching out to school management to restore the damaged item/property” Muhakanizi stated.

“The Office of the prime minister as leader of government business respects implimentation of rule of law and would like to thank the public for being vigilant and for frawing the matter to our attention” he notes.



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