Medics kick off process to censure UMA president for kneeling before Museveni


A section of medics under the umbrella body -Uganda Medical Association (UMA) have kicked off a process to censure the association president Dr. Samuel Oledo accusing him of kneeling before President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

On Saturday 3/12/2022, a picture ciculated over social media where Dr. Samuel Oledo Odongo alongside several medical students and a few preinterns in clinical coats were kneeling before Museveni.

The act has since sparked public outrage especially on social media with several tweeps including medical doctors, saying it is “demeaning” the noble profession for professional health workers to kneel before the head of state.

An online poll has also been set into motion to obtain views from registered members of U.M.A on whether Dr. Samuel Oledo is still fit to serve the association in the capacity of UMA president. Dr. Oledo a known member of the ruling NRM also urged Museveni to contest again in 2026 saying the whole medical fraternity will support him.

In the preamble of the censure motion, the medics say Oledo’s act and several other infamous utterances he made have left the fraternity of doctors calling for his resignation because they feel he is representing his personal selfish interests and not the actual views of the Ugandan Medical Doctors.

The petitioners want him to resign or to trigger Article 15 of UMA constitution and have him censured.

The Uganda Medical Association is a professional body and family of over 6,000 doctors in Uganda governed under a Constitution which provides how leaders can be elected and removed from office.

“It should also be noted that Article 13, Sectiona (a) of the U.M.A constitution of 2020 grants the General Assembly supreme authority over matters concerning the governanace of the association. The same constitution under Article 15 provides for an avenue for atleast a qaurter of registered members to push for an extraordinary General Assembly which if not called by the NEC within 21 days can be convened by these members to discuss and resolve issues concerning the association.” The preamble reads in part.

A message posted on the official Twitter page for UMA also condemns the act of kneeling before Museveni noting that it is not the Modus Operandi of the association.

“Uganda Medical Association has always engaged with the President @KagutaMuseveni through formal, professional ways including appreciating him through our Annual Awards.
The act of kneeling by @dr_oledo and the team doesn’t represent Modus Operandi of the Association.” It reads.

“If this is true, I am very ashamed to to a member of the profession!
The 37yr NRM/M7 Junta has brought Ug’s healthcare system to its knees. This would beg the question whether our profession has also gone to the dogs or is it a disgraceful leadership?” Dr. Kizza Besigye an opposition leader also tweeted.



  1. kneeling was a stunt.whether it works or not is yet to b seen. I wonder if the entire comments he made represented the position of UMA


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