UPDF conducts aerial raids in Eastern DRC, destroys ADF camps


The Ugandan army operating in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) conducted aerial bomardments on Friday in which 3 Allied Democratic Force rebel positions were destroyed.

According to President Yoweri Museveni who is also the commander in chief of armed forces, the UPDF with permission from the Congolese government destroyed terrorist locations within areas outside the territory UPDF operations which run from Beni Mbau Junction-Eoungeti-Komanda-Kasindi-Beni.

“Within the area we been allowed to operate, we have destroyed all the camps the reconnainces had identified, killed a lot of terrorists, captured others and emancipated the much terrorized wanainchi of the area” Museveni stated in a letter.

In a letter addressed to East Africans, Museveni said the ADF terrorists have now fled areas of agreed between governments of Uganda and DRC but the UPDF has deloped capacity to find then wherever they go.

“The ignorant terrorists do not know that within just minutes, not hours, we can reach with deadly fire, far beyond the limit of exploitation. Hence on Friday they got their reward.” He stated.

President Museveni said the Ugandan army will continue to pursue and destroy ADF terrorists from wherever they are hiding as long as the government of DRC allows it.

Museveni said it is important for Africans and East Africans to know the capacity the continent posesses to solve chronic security problems.



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