MPs vow to block ‘secret’ plan to introduce GMO food in Uganda


By Mary Asujo

As Uganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate World Food Day, a section of NRM legislators have vowed to stop any efforts geared towards introducing Genetically Modified food saying the move is suicidal.

Recognized globally, World Food Day will be celebrated today 16th October 2022.

The MPs who include; former Ethics and Integrity Minister, Dr James Nsaba Buturo and MP Bufumbira East, MP West Budama South, Dr Emmanuel Otaala, Amudat district woman MP, Betty Chelain Louke. The move by MPs follows rumours that there were secret plans to lift the ban on GMO seeds, as proponents argue that this could help in addressing food insecurity challenges Uganda is facing as a result of climate change, poverty among others.

In his address to the parliamentary press on Friday, the MPs also said they are planning to introduce a law prohibiting GMOs.

“The introduction of GMOs is a suicidal move that can only be supported by people who don’t love Uganda. Eminent scientists have said there are no benefits. There are people who are saying GMOs is good which is not true if Europe can say no to GMOs 50 african countries have also said no out of 52 it means they are not good,” said Buturo.

He added that Ugandans are tired of being used a dumping ground and called on government to phase out any GMOS. The government should invest money to support in Ugandan scientists so that they protect the indigenous population.

“GMO seed introduction in the country has devastating consequences that very few know about. GMOs will take away the little soverignity that is left of us.” Nsaba Buturo.

West Budama South MP, Dr Emmanuel Otaala said that the adaptation of genetic technology is likely to lead to numerous problems health complications such as heart issues among others.

“If within 13years, the number of cases of these new diseases have shot up by more than 13% and that is alarming and when you see advanced countries like Europe saying no, I think we need to be careful as developing countries not to allow GMOs,” added Otaala.

The former state minister of health, explained that what GMOs does is that it tries to alter what makes you who you are by altering the genes in terms of who you are. And what they do interms of genetic modification is that they insert a terminator gene, that stops you from reproducing what and who you are.
Louke told journalists that they are working on a bill that prohibits genetically modified crops from being introduced in uganda.

Buturo said that it could be a move by the ‘Super Powers’ to deprive Ugandans of its independence and soveringnity on account of donations and grants which could be treacherous or unpatriotic. “Several scientists are on the pay roll of those behind GMOs. They get salaries, funded, given grants and training opportunities and it’s not surprising that they are now on the side of persuading Ugandans to accept a deadly crop,” Buturo noted.



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