UPC wants Gov’t to vigorously improve teacher’s welfare

Jimmy Akena -UPC President; Courtesy Photo

By Mary Asujo

The President of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), Mr Jimmy Akena has called on government to vigorously improve on the welfare of teachers which include streamlining of the salary structure of both science and art teachers as well as timely payment of their wages.

Hon. Akena who is also Lira Municipality MP called upon government to also ensure that the salary disparities are handled for teachers to do their duties to produce productive students which will help the fight against poverty, ignorance and disease in Uganda.

“Today 5th October, is World Teachers’ Day! We join hands with teachers across the globe to celebrate this important day that is coming from the backdrop of the global pandemic of COVID -19 which did not only strangle global economies, but also decentralized the entire education system right from Kindergarten to university,” said Akena.

While making the call during a press conference at UPC’s headquarters yesterday at Uganda House, Hon. Akena said that the COVID challenges led to more innovations and advancement in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with virtual classes or E- learning.

He added that for those in the developed world, it was easy sailing and a big hustle for those in the developing countries. “This is a big lesson for Uganda and Africa to invest massively in technology to match with the current times for any future epidemics. The education system and other sectors can be ready to solider on.” he noted.

Kalungu West MP, Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga has appealed to government to look into the issue of uniform welfare of all teachers regardless of arts or science.

Ssewungu urged to fight for their rights by demanding for uniform pay for both science and arts because they do the same work. He added that teachers do a lot of work and its proper that they should be well facilitated to motivate them to teach the learners.

“Today as we celebrate Teachers’ day, teachers should not just sit but teach the learners because it’s their mandate to educate the future generation. You have a right to join a union therefore fight for your union don’t allow it to be destroyed,” added Ssewungu.

On EALA elections, Akena congratulated his Secretary General Hon. Fred Ebil for raising the UPC flag high and commended the 139 MPs who elected Hon. Ebil and supported him throughout the campaign period.

“To UPC members, let us continue with the mobilization and recruitment of members in the party,” Akena added.



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