Kenya: Presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s Chopper attacked by rowdy youths


Rowdy youth on Friday stoned a chopper that was ferrying ODM presidential candidate Raila Omoro Odinga in Kebenes, Uasin Gishu County.

The Friday evening incident occurred right after the funeral of Odinga’s friend Mzee Jackson Kibor at Samitui farm.

The attack destroyed the chopper’s air shield but Laira and  other leaders who had accompanied him escaped unhurt -Mr Odinga said in a statement.

His vehicles also were also pelted with rocks, he said, adding that the attack was disturbing.

“My mistake was to attend the burial of my long time friend Mr Jackson Kibor. I thank the security officers who did everything to ensure our safety,” he said.

The air sheild of Odinga’s chopper was severely damaged in the attack on Friday; Courtesy Photo.

It was rummored that the attackers were Kikuyu youths hired by their MP Mr Ngujjiri to attack Raila Odinga.

“Despite the violence meted out on me and my team today, I remain optimistic that Kenya will hold peaceful, free and fair election in August,” he added.

Uasin Gishu County Police Commander Ayub Gitonga confirmed the incident, adding that an investigation into the incident was underway.

“We can allow people to sell their parties but we cannot tolerate political tolerance whatsoever,” he said.



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