The Kabaka did not travel on a Presidential Jet -Buganda Katikkiro Peter Mayiga

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga; Courtesy Photo

The Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga has refuted claims that Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II travelled on President Yoweri Museveni’s jet during his recent trip to Germany to seek medical attention.

Mayiga was reacting to Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo’s comments alleging that the Kabaka travelled on a presidential jet yet some of his subjects came out to criticize discriminatory usage of public funds by high profile citizens.

During a vigil at the home of the deceased Speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah, Dollo admonished the protests by a group of NUP supporters living in the Diaspora who staged demonstrations over Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s evacuation to the US for treatment which cost UGX1.7BN public money, with protesters saying that instead the funds should have been invested in hospitals back home.

The Chief Justice said it was “super wickedness” for NUP supporters in the Diaspora to stage protests against Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s flight to the US for treatment, saying the Kabaka of Buganda has also benefited from a similar arrangement.

In a short video that has since went viral on social media, CJ Owiny Dollo faults the protesters who criticized use of public funds on Oulanyah’s treatment but did not demonstrate when their ethnic leader (Kabaka) was flown on a presidential jet to seek treatment in Germany even when he was not entitled.

In a statement of condolences issued today, Katikkiro Mayiga stated that the allegations against the Kabaka are false.

“I want to state clearly that when the Kabaka travelled to Germany in August 2021, he did not travel on a presidential jet but on KLM Airline.” Mayiga said in Luganda (Kyoka Njagala kitegerekeke nti ssabasajja Kabaka bweyagenda e Bugirimani mu August, 2021, teyagendera mu nyonyi yobwa pulezidenti yatambulira mu nnyonyi ya KLM).

Mayiga extoled the late Oulanyah as a professional lawyer with exceptional skills, a humorous gentleman, an astute politician and a good debater in parliament. He extended condolences to the family of Oulanyah, his constituency, and the Acholi sub-region as a whole.

Mayiga however expressed appreciation for Oulanyah’s call for speeches and debate based on facts as Oulanyah emphasized immediately he was elected speaker of parliament. He also said that is what leaders at all levels should emulate instead of making unfounded statements.

“For that matter, we appeal to everyone including leaders at all levels to respect Oulanyah’s legacy and avoid making unsubstantiated claims which may trigger conflicts that further inflict pain on Oulanyah’s family and the country as a whole” Mayiga said.

He narrated of how he and a group of Mengo leaders were cordially welcomed to Gulu in 2016 where they had gone to attend a memorial for Daudi Ochieng the former MP for Mityana in post-independence parliament.

Mayiga noted that death brings shock and sadness and may at times make people become depressed which is the reason why he appeals to everyone to remain calm even in times of loss.



  1. Politics especially in a largely politically ignorant country even among the elites is about wining side and foul the other. How I wish politics remains politics and the privileges that come with key positions remain since even God Himself can’t withhold speciality treatment though we are all in his same image

  2. Good initiative! Let everyone support the cause for the unity of the two parties at all cost. For God And My Country.


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