UNMATCHED HUMILITY: CJ Owiny Dollo joins christians in making bricks for local Church: PICTURES


    These are rare photographs showing Uganda’s Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo mingling with christians who were making mud bricks for building a local church.

    In bare feet and pants folded at knee-length, the Chief Justice -the 4th in the hierarcy of power structure in Uganda is seen stomping the mud using his feet and moulding clay bricks before he carries them to the drying area.

    In a tweet, Kitgum Woman MP Hon Lilian Aber lauds the gesture of humility displayed by the CJ.

    “My Lord Chief Justice Alphonso Owiny Dolo joins christians in the struggle to build a house of God. Humility comes with a big reward in Heaven. Be blessed Ladit. The message is felt” Dr Aber posted.



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