Prominent Lawyer Tony Ngobi mysteriously dies after a bar brawl

Tony Ngobi who passed on at Mengo Hospital after unsuccessful surgery operation; Courtesy Photo

The lawyers fraternity in Kampala is mourning the mysterious death of a prominent lawyer, Ngobi Tony, whose death is linked to a bar brawl.

Sources indicate that Kanalo Ngobi Tony passed on today at Mengo Hospital after unsuccessful surgery operation to remove blood clots in his brain. He was a resident of Lungujja, Lubaga, in Kampala City.

Before he was hospitalized, it is alleged, that Tony was involved in a brawl with bouncers at TI Bar in Mengo in which he suffered head injuries.

Before his death, Tony is said to have been in private practice but available records show that he was a partner at WAGABAZA & CO. ADVOCATES.

Reliable sources say, on Wednesday evening, Tony went for a drink at TI bar and a disagreement ensued with the bouncers and one of the bouncers -currently on the run, violently pushed Tony sending him crumbling to the ground since he was already drunk. In the process, it is alleged, Tony suffered fatal injuries on the head that developed into brain clots.

It has also been established that Tony did not get immediate first aid as the bouncers at the bar left him on the ground for several minutes after realizing that he had developed a serious condition which they could not handle.

Sources indicate after realizing that his condition would cause commotion, the bar owner, who was also Tony’s client, intervened and Tony was taken to a nearby clinic but after Police officers on night patrol refused to take him to hospital.

Sensing danger and wanting to cover up, the bar owner who is allegedly Maj Gen Elly Kayanja’s son, tried to convince police officers that he was not aware of what happened to Tony, a lie police refused to accept.

Tony was later transferred to Mengo Hospital where it was established that he had developed three blood clots near the brain which required an urgent surgery operation. His friends and family had to mobilize 6million as down-payment before a surgery operation is conducted.

After the operation, Tony showed positive signs of recovery only to pass on today morning.



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