I am Clean. I don’t owe anybody anything -President Museveni

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni; PPU Photo

Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has reiterated his earlier claim that he cannot be implicated in any act of corruption during the last 60 years of his involvement in liberation struggles.

Museveni said he has lived by his sweat and at times rejected favors which would have possibly compromised his integrity.

The president made the remarks while addressing the new members of his cabinet immediately after they took oaths on Monday at an event in the capital Kampala. He cautioned new cabinet members against intrigue and corruption that has crippled service delivery in past governments.

Fighting corruption, he said, is one of the key missions the new cabinet must pursue.

“They come up (the opposition) but they cannot defeat me because they are telling lies; I have never taken anything from anybody. I only live by my sweat and by my struggle and I don’t owe anything to anybody” President Museveni said. During the 2021 election campaigns, Museveni made similar claims that he has never been corrupt and has always been motivated by the spirit of patriotism.

Museveni narrated an incident in the 80’s when he rejected an offer of cows from Banyankole kinsmen who allegedly wanted to reward him for leading the 1981-1986 guerilla war which paved way for return to democratic rule.

“So please, if you want to be durable leaders, don’t accept any favor from anybody. Don’t seek favor, don’t accept any even if it is given to you and don’t tolerate corruption under you” He said.

Besides corruption, president Museveni said his government will prioritize and pursue integration of East Africa and Africa, patriotism and service delivery to the people. He said he will not tolerate unpatriotic public servants who lack concern of what they do or the consequences of their actions.

“This government must be one of service delivery. I don’t want to hear any more outcries from the people. People are crying because of land evictions. This cabinet must look into that”

“Why do you go to the public if you don’t have a public spirit..? Go and do your private things!…we don’t want parasites in the public service” Museveni added stating his cabinet’s key targets are; addressing education, roads, health, justice and land issues.

Earlier, Museveni said Uganda’s economy has grown 31 times bigger than it was in 1986 despite opposition from within his NRM government and outside.

He said in the last 35 years, a lot has been achieved and this is demonstrated quantitatively and not just in opinions.



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