Idi Amin’s son arrested for alleged involvement in 8M Dollar fraud

Major Taban Amin; Courtesy Photo

Detectives at CID Headquarters have grilled Taban Amin for alleged participation in fraud that saw Americans defrauded of USD 8 Million.

According to the CID Spokesperson Charles Twine, Amin was arrested today morning and taken to Kibuli-based Police Headquarters for questioning.

Taban, the eldest son to former Ugandan president Idi Amin, is the deputy Director general of Internal Security Organization (ISO) a position he re-assumed in October 2020 following an appointment by President Museveni.

ASP Twine did not provide details of the offense Amin committed and neither the identities of the Americans who were defrauded $8M (about UGX29.5BN).

He however has a rough military history having presided over a rebel force of about 600 fighters he recruited from former fighters of the late Juma Oris in Sudan.

Amin has been an ISO operative for years and was at one point engaged in persuading Allied Democratic Force rebels to surrender. He is (a former rebel leader) took advantage of the amnesty law to reconciled with the government of Uganda and came back home.

Amin later found favor with the current government and once also led a music band that called for a third term for President Museveni.

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