I am under no such illusions: Kabuleta speaks out on suspending campaigns over Bobi’s arrest

ROCK presidential candidate Joseph Kiiza Kabuleta: Courtesy Photo

ROCK Presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has said he will not abandon his campaign trail over fellow opposition candidate Robert Kyagulanyi’s arrest, the same way candidate Mugisha Muntu and three other have done because doing so won’t yield anything.

He also blasted his colleagues who boycotted the campaigns for not learning from history that defiance is no longer a viable strategy against the sitting government having failed during Dr. Besigye campaigns.

Kabuleta says he is not under illusions to think boycotting the campaign trail would change anything because the incumbent government has no shame to heed such actions. Kabuleta said boycott would be effective if the current leadership fears being shamed.

“I am under no such illusions. If there is one thing that Dr. Besigye’s 20 years of defiance showed us, it is that the man (referring to President Museveni) we are dealing with is beyong any shame or embarrassment” Kabuleta said.

Aliance for National Transformation candidate Gen Mugish Muntu, Renewed Uganda candidate Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, Independent candidate John Katumba and Democratic Party candidate Norbert Mao suspended campaign activities after state agencies arrested National Unity Platform candidate Robert Kyagulanyi and Form for Democratic Change candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat on Wednesday.

Kabulata however described the arrest of Kyagulanyi and Amuriat as “brutal and mindless.”

Kabuleta a known football enthusiast says, since there are 11 candidates in the race for presidency, the temporally and unjust absence of Kyagulanyi and Amuriat leaves the remaining 9 players with an option of “attacking the opponent” ferociously.

He also implored his colleagues to carry on and not to suspend campaigns if he is arrested.

“that is why I am not going to suspend my campaigns to try to shame Museveni into a levelling the ground because I know he is incapable of shame” Kabuleta said.



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