There is room for everyone here as long as you want to build Rwanda -Kagame


Rwandan president Paul Kagame has said whoever wants to be part of Rwandans, should be given that opportunity if they want to build the country.

Kagame said for many years, there has been people requesting to be naturalized Rwandans and the country still maintains an open-door policy.

“whoever wants to be one of us should be given the opportunity, as long as they want to make a contribution towards building our country,” Kagame said on Monday, at the National Executive Committee(NEC) meeting of the ruling party- Rwanda Patriotic Front(RPF) Inkotanyi.

The conference took place at the party headquarters in Rusororo, Gasabo District.

Kagame told the participants that Rwanda will never be full for anyone who wants to be part of the country’s development agenda. He said it would be shameful for any Rwandan to wish to belong somewhere else while many want to come back to their country.

“I would not wish to be anyone else or from anywhere else. We must be proud to be who we are. Whoever wants to be someone else, that’s their problem. It would be shameful because there are people who want to be us,” Kagame said before adding;

“We cannot say the country is full, like those before used to proclaim, therefore we could not be accommodated. That is not who we are. There is room for everyone, including those Rwandans who are still abroad,” the President said adding however that, accommodating people should not be interpreted wrongly.

Kagame however warned that his message should not be misconstrued to mean that his government is submissive. ”

It does not mean that some people are going to claim to be more important than everybody else. We are all equal and must be treated equally,” Kagame said.

Kagame used the conference to rally the youth in Rwanda, especially those who are members of the ruling RPF-Inkotanyi, to take the lead in uprooting poor service delivery in the country. He blamed those who experience poor service and decide to keep quiet, adding that the culprits must be called out, and this is when things will change for better.

“Working for the wellbeing of Rwandans is a mandate that does not change under any circumstances. People should get what they deserve. We cannot be drawn back to where this country came from. For all our aspirations to be achieved, it will require effort of everyone, you and me. We may defer in ways we think or do things, but we have a common vision, building the nation. Everyone must make their contribution to move the country forward.” He said.

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