Students yet to pay fees won’t be given exams -Kyambogo University

Kyambogo University re-opening: Students yet to pay tuition will not be allowed to sit exams; Courtesy Photo

As education institutions prepare for re-opening on October 15th 2020, the administration of Kyambogo University has warned students who had not completed payment of tuition not to expect end-of-year semester exams.

In a communication posted on the institution’s social media platform, government sponsored students will not be given more money for food allowance because they had already received the same before government announced the lockdown.

“No student will be allowed into exams unless they have paid all fees required. Government sponsored students had received their food and living out allowances for semester two. There won’t be any other allowance from government” the post reads.

According to one of the University administrators who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed this development. He said government-sponsored students received their food allowance by end of February 2020, way before the lock-down on the country was announced. Every student on government sponsorship at the university is entitled to a daily allowance of 4000 shillings.

He also said, before the lockdown set in, the institution was in final preparations for end-of-semester exams (on 5th of April) and therefore students who had not paid tuition are expected to pay upon re-opening.

In their communication, the university administration stated that a covid-19 infection control and prevention committee has been constituted to ensure implementation of infection control at the medical center and the University.

A screening area for isolation of suspected COVID 19 cases has also been put in place as a measure to prevent coronavirus spread.

The administration issued a list of strict guidelines in prevention of COVID-19 which include;

Students must carry their own sanitizers and masks, all halls of residence will be fumigated and halls will be filled to half capacity. All students’ property will be disinfected before accessing halls of residence.

The University medical center has put in place protocols for referral of suspected COVID 19 cases assisted by the 24 hour ambulances services, and for quick action, emergency numbers will be displayed on all notice boards.

In addition, there will be hand washing facilities at all halls of residence, according to the University administration. There won’t be team sports during the upcoming session but individual physical exercises for fitness purposes will be allowed but recognizing recommended social distancing practices.

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  1. Ooh government students we dead now… at least the govt could help us even 500k as we used the other money during covid


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