I like his long hair -Winnie Byanyima defends her Son’s lifestyle

Dr Besigye, Eng Winnie Byanyima and Anslem Besigye; Courtesy Photo

UNAIDS Director, Eng Winnie Byanyima, has lashed at critics of her son’s lifestyle saying she too likes his long hair because it is his choice.

All of this began with a tweet from Winnie Byanyima yesterday, telling how Anslem Besigye was the only man at the dinner table with her at a pricey Geneva restaurant.

The tweet was accompanied with a photograph of a youthful Anslem smiling innocently with dreadlocks hanging down his chest.

Then, a one Robert Tumusiime Akiiki tweeted back telling Winnie that hair makes him (Anslem) look awkward and he can look better if shaved. This response was supported by Pastor Martin Sempa as good advice.

The responses provoked Winnie into a counter offensive position to defend her son’s hairstyle or lifestyle;

“You can keep your nice short hair. I like @akbesigye’s long hair! He is an uninhibited young man, comfortable and confident in his skin” She stated.

Similar concerns have been raised before with individuals wanting to associate Anslem’s lifestyle with poor upbringing on the side of his parents.

At the height of 2016 elections, Dr Besigye faced similar accusations from critics on social media for having failed to play his role as a father to the young man yet he wanted to be given the top most job in the country.

Photograph of Anslem Besigye at a diner table in Geneva Switzerland; Courtesy Photo

Born and raised between America and Europe, Anslem (23 years) has adopted a lifestyle far different from his close relatives and a society way back in Uganda but under the watch of his mother. In 2016, Dr Kizza Besigye was quoted applauding Winnie for single-handedly bringing up their son.

This is not the first time Byanyima is defending her son over what she deems as unfair attacks on his personality.

In May 2017 after Anselm posted a photo on twitter puffing away at a cigar, Brian Bakampa twitted:

“Dear Dr Kizza Besigye and Winnie Byanyima, your son Anselm looks terribly ugly and embarrassing with dreadlocks and now a cigar.” Anslem had just received his High School Diploma from Choate Rosemary Hall at Oxford University in England after four years.

Byanyima tweeted back: “That’s fine too. He is 17.”

In 2019, Anslem wearing dreadlocks, was photographed with his Mother, Byanyima and his father, Dr Kizza Besigye, during a function in which Byanyima officially took over as executive director of UNAIDS in Geneva before a critic asked if he was a girl.

“Anselm @akbesigye is a man AND he is not offended, actually amused, when you call him a girl! Have a nice day?!” Byanyima responded.

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