7 Simple but Effective ways to save money

Saving is an ethic behind almost all success stories; Courtesy Photo

Committing yourself to the money saving lifestyle is definitely something to think about. If you research on stories about successful people, you’ll see that one of the secrets to their breakthrough is saving.

Everyone has a chance to have a bright financial future only if they embrace the art of saving. For sure, it’s not easy, but you can start from somewhere until you reach your money goals. These are seven everyday tips on how you can avoid going broke too often.

1. Grow your food

Being home for these few months has allowed people to think outside the box. If you have some space in your home, you might as well start growing your own food to avoid spending money on groceries all the time.

Also, home grown food is much safer because you’re not consuming any strange chemicals. This is a win-win situation. You save money and consume high quality, organic food.

2. Balance your household expenses

It could be the perfect time to talk to your partner or your roommate about sharing costs. Times are tough so it’s understandable if you have to be honest about not being able to handle everything like you normally would.

Maybe, you had a certain agreement at the beginning but it’s never too late to make adjustments so that all the pressure isn’t solely on you.

3. Become a DIY expert

The freedom that comes with handling things for yourself is immeasurable. For example, you don’t have to constantly spend money at the salon to get your hair and nails done and you could become your own trainer if you have to stop paying for the gym.

Thanks to YouTube, you can find tutorials on everything under the sun. With time, you will become an expert and no longer have the need to pay for these services when you have access in the comfort of your home.

4. Let go of the expensive brands

Half of those luxury brands you see don’t offer anything different from what you can find off brand. It’s all about the hype and the bourgeoisie feeling you get from being able to own such items but, there’s nothing else other than that.

So, why don’t you adjust your taste and give other brands a chance if you’re used to going for the top brands only.

5.Review your subscriptions

Check whether you can terminate or scale down on subscriptions you’ve made in the past. You could have been getting the full package for TV channels when in reality you barely watch half of them. Also, you could consider getting a lower subscription on internet services so that you’re not spending so much. You can still enjoy these services if you can afford them by downgrading a bit.

6.Entertain yourself at home

It’s not necessary to go out all the time spending money on random things. You can simply entertain yourself at home and even invite friends and prepare home cooked snacks so that you don’t have to order anything.

You can also go a step further and skip on the drinks because those tend to drain your pockets very quickly. Train yourself to be content with settling for home entertainments even when you’ve been accustomed to having fun at restaurants and all that.

7. Get value for your money

It’s a waste to get goods or services that you’re genuinely not happy with. You have your rights as a customer to get value for your hard earned money so you should speak up when you’re not happy.

If you’re used to just letting things slide, you will end up painfully re-ordering things and spending more when you have access to refunds. Take advantage of your consumer rights whenever you’re spending money.




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