Kadaga decries blackmail and harassment by state agencies during NRM CEC elections

Speaker -Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga says the mandate of the legislature has tremendously grown in mandate and size; File Photo

The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga has scornfully hit at her opponents in the recently concluded NRM party internal elections in which she emerged victorious beating her rival, Hon Persis Namuganza.

In her appreciation message posted via social media, Kadaga thanked NRM members who voted her but decried the blackmail and harassment from state agencies. She also hit at the Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa accusing her for threats against her.

“Am exceedingly grateful to the NRM members countrywide who campaigned and voted for me despite harassment and blackmail by state agencies. Am particularly proud of the ministers and members of parliament who stood by me amidst threats by Ruth Nankabirwa” Kadaga posted on social media on Friday.

Kadaga emerged winner in the Thursday vote beating her long-time nemesis, Hon Persis Namuganza in a heated contest that was characterized by verbal exchanges and accusations. Kadaga, scored 6,776 votes against Persis Namuganza’s 3,882 votes.

Kadaga however did not specify which state agencies are responsible for harassing her during her bid for the slot at the NRM CEC, and how Nankabirwa threatened her.

When contacted for a comment, Nankabirwa said she did not threaten anyone and she is awaits a re-conciliatory gesture from Kadaga.

In an audio recording that went viral on the internet, Ruth Nankabirwa is heard accusing Kadaga for hobnobbing with opposition MPs in parliament and failing progress of the NRM agenda in the house.

Nankabirwa openly campaigned for Persis Namuganza claiming Kadaga disrespects CEC and she has been using her position to pursue her personal interests.

During campaigns, Namuganza attacked Kadaga for allowing the opposition move a motion of displeasure condemning the president for castigating parliament’s decision to allocate its self Shs 10 billion in a supplementary budget to fight COVID-19.

Namuganza said the Speaker ought to put party positions and aspirations at the forefront as she presides over the house something she says Kadaga has not done.




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