Mengo needs Power to fight Poverty- Kabaka Mutebi

The Kabaka of Buganda His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II; File Photo

The Kabaka of Buganda, His Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has reiterated the need for Mengo to be have administrative powers in order to fast-track socio-economic development of it’s people.

Kabaka Mutebi noted, that overtime, the kingdom’s efforts to improve economic livelihoods of its people are undercut by lack of administrative power to enforce the policies.

Kabaka Mutebi’s remarks were part of his speech on his 27th coronation anniversary celebrations held in Lubiri Palace, in Kampala City, today. Kabaka Mutebi stated that the 27 years of his reign has not been easy considering the growing levels of poverty especially among the youths in whom the future of the kingdom lies.

He expressed concern over growing desperation in youths, as many have started losing hope for a better future and cited an example of a one Walugembe Hussein, who recently set himself on fire when police impounded his motorcycle which he was his only source of a livelihood support.

Kabaka Mutebi said Walugembe’s action demonstrates desperation in youths which must be explicitly addressed. He appealed to his subjects especially the youths against losing hope despite rising poverty in the country.

“We have repeatedly said that this era belongs to young people. We will fight tooth and nail to ensure that young people do not lose hope” He said.

The Kabaka underscored the importance of his Kingdom to have administrative powers and said it is a proven fact that politics and economics go hand in hand.

“For ages in Buganda, there was a tradition of rallying people to work and it is the reason why cotton and coffee production was very high. The practice however lost momentum because we lack administrative powers to enforce policies” Kabaka Mutebi said in Luganda.

“We have without doubt affirmed that economics and politics went hand in hand and for Buganda to revert to its economic position, it is important that this issue is addressed” Mutebi said.

He however thanked his subjects who have unreservedly served the kingdom with patience, love and determination for many years, yet majority do it for no reward.

Kabaka Mutebi also condemned the high handedness of security forces deployed in enforcement of presidential directives in fighting COVID-19 for the brutality they unleashed on to Ugandans leading to injuries and deaths.

He said it is wrong for security agents to take the law into their own hands yet Ugandans have a constitutional right of fair hearing even when they have committed an offense.

Mutebi lauded the efforts by health workers and teams fighting the spread of coronavirus and appealed to his subjects to adhere to measures put in place by government.

Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II was enthroned as the 36th King of Buganda on 31 July 1993 upon the restoration of the Ugandan Kingdoms. However, the Kindgom enjoys less autonomy and power than the establishments which existed before.

This year’s anniversary celebrations have been conducted in a “scientific” way in line with health guidelines against the spread of coronavirus.



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